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Your industry in a smartphone with BROLZ


With over 15 years of experience as an engineer and team leader, Guillaume has led change management and digitalization projects. His professional journey has taught him that true transformation makes things accessible to everyone.

Passionate about simplicity, he constantly seeks to streamline processes to make life easier for industries. That's why he created BROLZ, a startup offering an intelligent application for the industrial sector.

What is BROLZ? Let us explain!

As its name suggests, BROLZ manages industrial "brols" (mess or clutter) for three reasons: compliance, which ensures equipment meets standards and legal requirements; data accuracy and accessibility, which ensure you know where the data comes from and if it is reliable; and operational efficiency, which optimizes working time.

Guillaume Lahaye - BROLZ

Fun fact?

"We work in a space behind a garage because we believe starting in a garage is a key success factor for ambitious start-ups.

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