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ID4Connect, a joint venture with CETIC

Pi K Ni K x ID4 Connect

Leading the iD4Connect project are two key figures, let's introduce them to you. First, there's Lotfi Guedria, department head at CETIC, the initiator of the DMWAY software component resulting from an R&D project and currently the CTO of iD4Connect. Alongside him is Carlos Parrondo, transfer officer responsible for liaising with companies, and the general manager of iD4Connect.

What is ID4Connect, you ask? Let us explain everything!

ID4Connect is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), a cloud-based software model for integrating data from multiple applications into a single solution.

This innovative solution emerged from the technological contribution of CETIC and the identification of a potential market by a French partner, which led to this joint venture to develop and capitalize on this technology.

This ingenious solution enables mastering the growing complexity of integrating various data sources. Users are equipped with advanced means for configuring and customizing data flows.

As an applied research center based in Charleroi, CETIC is one of the first occupants of A6K.

This presence is linked to A6K's innovation ecosystem dimension.

Pi K Ni K x ID4 Connect Team
Carlos Parrondo & Lotfi Guedria, ID4Connect.

"With iD4Connect, we're talking more about spin-off, a consequence of the research valorization objectives that apply to research centers, the support and hosting capacity of A6K, and the business ecosystem dimension that allows supply and demand to meet."

Lotfi Guedria ID4Connect

Fun fact?

"Somewhat surprisingly, it was the COVID-related lockdown that facilitated this long-distance contact with the French partner and created a bubble that allowed us to work on the idea and develop it."

We need you!

ID4Connect is seeking connections and first clients.

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