Together, let's shape the future of technology

A6K is a unique and stimulating ecosystem that brings together industrial companies, start-ups, universities, institutional players, research centers and training operators in a same hub in the heart of the city in order to foster innovation in the field of engineering.

Our main objective is to provide an exceptional environment for technological and industrial players in order to empower collaborative growth and nurture high value-added projects in the field of energy, communication and operational transformation towards Industry 4.0.

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  • A6 K Shape Future Technology Engineering

In order to create economic value for our companies and for the region, A6K focuses on three main streams:

  • Innovation

    Share technological knowledge of the stakeholders to increase generation of local added-value and make the region a cluster of technological excellence recognized on a European scale.

  • Incubation

    Create, host and accelerate young start-ups by providing them with the necessary technological skills to boost entrepreneurship.

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  • Education

    Address the need for talent in the region by providing STEAM training for companies, young people and job seekers.

A dedicated team

A6K combines a great community, state-of-the-art facilities and unique shared equipment, but it also offers you a dedicated team, eager to get to know you and how to make your wildest dreams come true.

  • Abd-Samad Habbachi

    Abd Samad Habbachi Team A6 K
  • Loubna El Messaoudi

    Loubna El Messaoudi Team A6 K
  • Kelly Balériaux

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  • Xiao-Yong Zhou

  • Ingrid Wuillem

    Ingrid Wuillem Team A6 K
  • Denis Cariat

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  • Valentine d'Hoffschmidt

    Valentine D Hoffschmidt Team A6 K AECC
  • Maxime Vuckovic

    Maxime Vuckovic Team A6 K AECC
  • Loic Falce

    Loic Falce Team A6 K AECC
  • Maxime Van Der Schrick

    Maxime Van Der Schrick Team A6 K
  • Marc Bekemans

    Marc Bekemans Team A6 K