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Renewind is reinventing renewable energy with Henri Rion and his team.

Renewin Henri Rion

Graduated in management engineering from Namur and Solvay, Henri Rion began his career in the world of finance, where he made his mark at PwC by getting involved in large-scale projects : mergers, acquisitions, due diligence, and company valuation.

Henri doesn't stop there and takes a turn in his professional life. He launches his first start-up, Koopol, a company developing an online price monitoring tool for brands and retailers. This entrepreneurial adventure allowed him to merge his mastery of finance with his passion for technological innovation.

Today, as the CEO of Renewind, Henri continues to shake foundations. Imagine urban wind turbines that blend into the architecture of buildings, generating energy while minimizing nuisances. His goal is to contribute to the energy transition by providing solutions that are both sustainable and efficient.

So, what is Renewind ? Let us explain everything in detail !

Renewind is a spin-off of Sonaca. It's a patented wind technology based on the ingenious concept of the Banki Rotor.

This innovative technology is designed to capture and amplify wind acceleration along building facades.

As an urban wind turbine, this machine succeeds in maximizing performance coefficients while minimizing potential nuisances.

Henri Rion and his team are showing us the way to a greener future. Join the movement !

Recently, we initiated a pilot project to validate the performance of our turbine. This project is being conducted in collaboration with several partner companies. It will take place throughout 2024.

Henri Rion Renewind

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