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Math and digital, the winning combination for Kaleidi!

A6K-Thierry Devillez-Kaleidi

At the helm of Kaleidi is Thierry Devillez, a man with a rich background and multiple experiences.

After training in psychology and business management, Thierry dedicated himself for about twenty years to defending businesses for employment, vocational training, and education. Within the Walloon Union of Enterprises, he led the social department and contributed to the management of organizations such as Forem or IFAPME.

Later, he became the general director of the TechnoCampus competence center. "I couldn't resist the opportunity to put my knowledge into practice for this competence center, a flagship of vocational training in the industrial sector," Thierry tells us.

After strengthening the industrial skills of job seekers and Walloon workers, he embarked on a new chapter as director of Kaleidi.

Kaleidi was founded in 2019 and has a team of eight people. The association is supported by the Walloon Region and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation to promote mathematics, particularly through scientific mediation.

In a world where new technologies are at the forefront, the deficit in mathematics skills continues to explode. For example, in 2022, one in four young people lacks basic math skills at age 15, according to a PISA study by the OECD.

This declining interest results in an average math score of 50% at the end of the 2nd secondary level compared to 75% at the end of primary school. In the coming years, vacancies in engineering will continue to increase in a labor market undergoing profound digital transformation. So, what can be done to inspire young people to pursue studies in these fields?

This is where Kaleidi comes into play!

To successfully fulfill its mission and increase enrollment in scientific fields, the association focuses its actions on three major axes:

  • Increase skills by conducting workshops in schools, offering extracurricular activities, and maximizing public awareness.
  • Create and disseminate resources in a playful environment, for example, in the form of an escape game.
  • Foster collaboration among stakeholders in the exact sciences field.
Thierry Devillez & Yvan Goudmant, Kaleidi.

At A6K, we find ourselves in an environment conducive to partnerships. Our expectations from A6K stakeholders are to build responses with their collaboration to the essential question: how can we make mathematics meaningful and exciting for the population?

Thierry Devillez Kaleidi

As you've understood, Kaleidi needs you to answer this question!

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