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When high-tech innovation boosts industrial recycling

Matvision x Pi K Ni K

Mechanical engineer specialized in mechatronics, Robert Baudinet has spent the last six years of his life developing waste sorting technologies as a researcher at the University of Liège, within the GeMMe laboratory. In 2023, along with other researchers, he decided to venture into the entrepreneurial world to commercialize these technologies through their new spin-off, Matvision.

What is Matvision? Let us explain!

Matvision's mission is to provide sorting systems to recycling industries. The combination of high-tech sensors, artificial intelligence, and robotics allows their systems to sort the most complex waste with precision and efficiency. "We target two types of clients: on one hand, recycling industries that want to maximize the value extracted from their waste, and on the other hand, industries looking to integrate recycled materials into their production while overcoming issues of impurity and contamination," Robert tells us.

Their mission is to convert as much waste as possible into resources to promote the local economy and reduce the environmental pressure associated with the use of these resources.

Currently, a large part of our waste is sent to the other side of the world on numerous ships to be processed under often poor conditions. As you can understand, Matvision is determined to reduce this by treating waste locally and more responsibly!

"The Charleroi basin is full of industries that must constantly reinvent themselves to stay competitive and comply with current environmental goals. We are convinced that our systems can help many companies in this transition. That's why we are interested in expanding our network within this dynamic industrial fabric.”

Robert Baudinet Matvision

Fun fact

"Our technology recently caught the attention of an Innovation Centre, which is responsible for establishing the foundations for the exploitation of extraterrestrial resources. Although it may be unlikely, perhaps one day a Matvision system could be sent into space. For our sorting systems, the sky is not even the limit.”

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