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Discovering Get Your Way and their mission to transform the industry with connected glasses

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Graduated as a civil engineer in computer science three years ago, Antoine is passionate about new technologies, particularly those related to software development!

He co-founded Get Your Way during his studies with two friends, Nicolas and Pierre.

Currently the CTO, he handles everything related to IT, along with administrative and human resources tasks.

What is Get Your Way? Let us explain!

Get Your Way is a company based in Liège that develops connected glasses called aRdent.

These simple glasses are designed for the industrial world. Their mission is to improve the comfort, safety, and efficiency of workers in companies through assisted reality.

This tool allows workers to follow work procedures while keeping their hands free and enjoying all the benefits of digital technology!

What are your organization's projects?

“Our main project for 2024 is to bring our solution to the market, including the product with the arrival of the industrializable version, aRdent 2, and on the software side, with the launch of our first turnkey solution for companies, Process Pilot.”

In general, their activities focus on two aspects: technical development and commercial development.

They already have about ten glasses used by companies such as Safran Aero Boosters, CETIC, Alpha Innovations, Trasis, and the Citadel of Liège. These clients provide valuable feedback.

This year, Get Your Way is growing as they celebrate the hiring of their first employees!

“A6K is a meeting place for us that allows us to step out of our Liège microcosm and see everything Wallonia can offer us. We regularly participate in events organized at A6K (Winter Market, conferences, etc.)”

Antoine Malherbe Get Your Way

Fun fact?

“We recently met the director of NASA in Houston, which was super unexpected but also very interesting. Last year, we were invited to Laeken by the Royal Palace to celebrate the ten-year reign of King Philippe. We took the opportunity to meet Queen Mathilde.”

For the anecdote: Antoine confides, “we have an internal album with photos of the 'famous faces' who have already worn our glasses.”

We need you!

Get Your Way needs willing companies to test their connected glasses and provide valuable

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