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Discovering the world of video game creation with Maracas Studio

Fabrice Maracas Studio

With over a decade of experience in the video game industry, Fabrice has had the opportunity to wear many hats throughout his career. From creative roles such as game designer or level designer, to more marketing-oriented roles like business developer or producer.

Today, he is the co-founder of Maracas Studio, where he oversees financial management and the company's culture.

Behind the scenes of Maracas Studio, we explain everything !

As you may have guessed, Maracas Studio's core business is, of course, video game creation ! Their ambition ? To leave a mark on a whole generation of players.

Their games fall into the category of "indie games," in the sense that their budgets (ranging from several thousand to €2 million) remain relatively low compared to Triple-A titles (several hundred million euros). This is seen as an advantage, as they can truly test and aim for original experiences, even if it means targeting a niche audience. Several projects are in the pipeline, targeting platforms such as the Nintendo Switch and PC. Although they primarily work on their own intellectual properties, they remain open to collaborations with animation studios, museums, etc.

"We want to develop the video game ecosystem in Wallonia, as we are convinced of its potential." To achieve this, Maracas Studio teaches the subject in various centers of expertise and schools such as HEAJ, Technocité, etc. "Developing the ecosystem seems to us to be at least as important as evolving as a team, because this work will benefit all those who embark on it," Fabrice tells us.

Maracas Studio team
Fabrice Daniel & Sophie Schiaratura, Maracas Studio.

"The team mainly works remotely. A6K allows us to step out of our homes and finally meet up ! We spend the days in person at A6K organizing work for the days ahead, and the team takes the opportunity to have lunch together and enjoy a drink in the evening."

Fabrice Daniel Maracas Studio

They also organize events that allow developers, artists, and designers to meet during the Game Dev Afterwork held every two weeks at Quai 10. Just so you know !

Fun fact ?

"We are often asked why we chose the name 'Maracas Studio.' There are several reasons behind this choice. Firstly, the fact that the name 'Maracas' is pronounced and written the same way in many languages: an important positioning, especially considering our international audience. Secondly, its festive symbolism originates from magical rituals, where the instrument was used to awaken spirits. Today, the object primarily reflects our ambitions: to shake players with original projects!"

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