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Unlocking potentials, inside DUO for a JOB with Julie Fonteyn

A6K Member Duo for a job Julie Fonteyn

Graduated in Management Sciences from UCLouvain, Julie Fonteyn began her career in the private sector, notably in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for two years. Upon returning to Belgium, she joined the ranks of Delhaize, where she excelled in various areas such as internal audit, project management, and procurement.

Subsequently, Julie decided to take a new step in her career, dedicating herself to sharing her knowledge as a teacher at EPHEC University College, where she taught various subjects including commerce, marketing, management, as well as mathematics and distribution courses. Concurrently, Julie served as the manager of "La Ruche Qui Dit Oui" in Genappe as a complementary independent. This accelerated her career transition into the non-profit sector. She later worked as a project manager and coordinator for a food aid association, of which she is now a board member.

Since May 2022, Julie has taken the helm of the DUO for a JOB branch in Charleroi, an organization dedicated to guiding young immigrants into the job market. Her role involves opening up new professional opportunities for these youth, contributing to the creation of a more inclusive society. She perfectly embodies the concept of professional reinvention and skill diversification. Her journey illustrates her commitment to education, personal development, and social action, making her an inspiring figure in the Belgian professional landscape.

In her free time, when the weather is favorable, Julie enjoys stand-up paddleboarding. She even took her team to practice this sport on the Sambre River during their team-building activities.

A6K Member Duo for a job team
The team : Denise, Michaël, Julie & Juliette.

Duo for a JOB, what is it? Let us explain everything!

Duo for a JOB, a visionary initiative, stands as a key player in combating inequalities in labor market access. Focused on the intergenerational and intercultural mentoring concept, this association plays a crucial role in promoting professional equal opportunities. It facilitates the connection of young job seekers from immigrant backgrounds with experienced professionals aged over 50, specially trained to guide them in their career paths.

At A6K, our commitment is reflected in a variety of activities designed to support our participants. From informational sessions to one-on-one interviews, to mentor training and workshops, we offer a range of resources to meet the diverse needs of our community.

Julie Fonteyn Duo for a JOB

At the heart of this approach lie the interactions between "mentors" and "mentees". "Mentors", drawing from their experience and expertise, guide and advise "mentees" in their career endeavors. These interactions, organized within A6K, provide a privileged space where the sharing of knowledge and experiences nurtures the personal and professional development of each individual.

Thus, Duo for a JOB, through its inclusive and collaborative approach, stands as a true catalyst for change, contributing to strengthening social fabric and promoting a fairer and more united society.

Fun fact?

"A6K thanked us for increasing the average age and bringing diversity to the mix," laughs Julie Fonteyn.

We need you!

Are you over fifty and eager to share your experience by becoming a mentor at Duo for a JOB? Contact us now and join our dynamic community. We welcome you with open arms!

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