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Explore the world of recycling with Reprocover

Charles Göbbels Reprocover

Graduated from HEC, Charles Göbbels is currently the head of Reprocover, which is a start-up specializes in the development and manufacturing of custom products made from recycled composites, which they recycle, collect, and prepare themselves.

What is Reprocover? Let us explain everything!

Their best-selling products are intended for infrastructure sectors such as rail, electricity, telecommunications, water, and gas; including level crossings, cable ducts, access chambers, and surface boxes. Composite products offer all the advantages of traditional composites, including their lightness and high strength. They stand out in two key areas: their solutions are more cost-effective, and they are the only supplier offering recycled composites.

Reprocover's mission? To maximize the sustainable and circular use of raw materials. They aim to revolutionize the use of composite raw materials to promote a more sustainable economy. Committed to the circular use of resources, they ensure that each component can be reused and recycled in an innovative and responsible manner.

“We were invited to pitch our project at A6K, which we found very interesting. As an organization, we are always looking for new opportunities to exchange ideas, establish partnerships, and discover innovations in our field. Participating in these sessions allows us to strengthen our professional network and find potential synergies with other companies and industry players.”

Charles Göbbels Reprocover

Fun fact ?

Today, many people come to them to recycle their composite materials, but they often don't understand why recycling costs as much, or even more, than landfill. To save time, Charles starts by explaining this right away! They laugh about it today because they receive so many requests, which allows them to quickly see who has a genuine environmental or economic interest.

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