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Train the Trainer #001

A6 K NEWS Train the trainer 001

To make technical experts aware of pedagogy and group facilitation, the objective of this Train the Trainer training.

How do you make your trainings captivating? How do you create and maintain attention? How do you increase interaction, vary activities and organize them into sequences? These are all questions that our members who are expert trainers in their technical fields often ask themselves, but who do not always have the tools to make their presentations interactive.

This week, a dozen of our members from I-care and Thales Alenia Space joined the first edition of the A6K Train the Trainer training, organized in partnership with Technofutur TIC. This one-day session aimed to share tools, methods and tips with the participants to become familiar with the pedagogical aspects.

Our A6K technology facilitator, Marc Bekemans, a transmitter of knowledge and passionate about teaching, started from the following observation: "Many engineers are trainers in their field of expertise but have not been trained in pedagogical aspects. This is why we have set up the Train the Trainer training program. This training is also intended to be a time for meeting and sharing experiences. Pedro Viña, training manager at I-care, with more than 30 years of experience in training and coaching, shared his testimony and his relevant advice for successful group facilitation.

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