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The next era of industry is linked to immersive technologies

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December 7, 2023 - "Virtual reality and digital twins in the workplace are not yet a reality in Wallonia. An ecosystem is emerging to reverse this trend" in Maxime Samain’s press release in L'Echo.

Creating an ecosystem and promoting the implementation of immersive technologies in Walloon enterprises is the ambition of HITT - XR Wallonia that aims to enable economic actors to identify use cases for technologies such as virtual or mixed reality in their respective fields.

"Immersive technologies will take time to establish themselves on the consumer side, but on the industrial and business side, we already see the interest and benefits" says Thierry Jourquin mandated by Sambrinvest to lead this initiative.

We are bringing together Belgian startups in the sector, research centers, and companies with a message to the industry: come and see what is happening and what value can be created through this.

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This opportunity is valued in billions according to projections from Statista. The revenue of the AR and VR market in Europe is expected to reach 8 billion dollars in 2023.

Projections that fuel global ambitions, but also for the launch of a memorable event, The Winter Market technologies 2023, fusing festive cheer with the forefront of technological innovation in XR, VR, AR, 3D, and related domains. The immersive journey commenced with Sirris, unveiling their expertise in Additive Manufacturing and Manufacturing 4.0 through a demonstrator integrated with VR tools.

Full pics coverage bellow.

Immersive Dive into a 4.0 Company

Sirris provides its expertise in Additive Manufacturing and Manufacturing 4.0 through a 4.0 demonstrator that integrates VR tools. With XRintelligence, they have developed the VR Factory. Participants are equipped with VR goggles, allowing them to explore a company before and after 4.0 transformations to assess the advantages.

VR Electric Drive

The workshop provides participants with the unique opportunity to experience virtual driving of an electric vehicle. Through a sophisticated simulator, attendees can immerse themselves in the electric driving experience, gaining insights into the innovative technology and features of these vehicles. This hands-on virtual experience not only enhances understanding but also promotes awareness and appreciation for the advancements in electric mobility.

Explore the Industrial Fan VR Showroom

Air Vision has emerged as a benchmark for industrial clients whose operations extend to air management. The diversity of technologies at their disposal is a valuable resource that they are eager to share with you. Your needs align with theirs: quality, pricing, delivery time, and service network. To showcase their capabilities, they are presenting a virtual reality showroom for exploring industrial fans.

Transforming Urban Mobility with 3D

sp8ce aims to collaborate with public authorities and transport operators to implement virtual and augmented reality projects in the field of mobility. The potential is vast, encompassing the design of public spaces, buildings, and vehicles, as well as personnel training and raising awareness among road users. A workshop explores the potential of immersive reality in urban planning, stakeholder engagement, and the effective transition of urban spaces.

Digital Twin, Replicate or Avatar?

As partners in the HITT ecosystem, MIIL and RTBF collaborate on innovative projects related to the use of XR. With their workshop, take control of producing the news while animating Laurent Mathieu's face in real-time. Workflow from 'Photogrammetry' to the creation of photorealistic Metahumans, used in a broadcast context with Facial Motion Capture.

GXP in VR, Introduction to the Practice Lab

Introduction to the Practice Lab, the first VR training solution for companies of all sizes in the pharmaceutical sector. This project is part of Pharmaverse. The workshop allows you to explore training in Good Manufacturing Processes accessible to all companies in the pharmaceutical industry, thanks to a team combining the expertise of Ellion and Altheria.

Immersive Experiences for Companies

Explore the applications of virtual reality for training, the use of the metaverse in marketing, and optionally, mixed reality for decision support. Join us for hands-on experiences, including immersive multi-user training and a glimpse into the future of online shopping, enabling you to vividly imagine the practical benefits these technologies can offer with Deloitte Digital.

Thor's Challenge VR

Game Synopsis by Vigo Creative; Thor is retiring and must find his successor. You embody a formidable warrior who must prove worthy of inheriting Thor's hammer by battling hordes of formidable enemies. Alone, the player must engage in combat while protecting treasures to climb to the top of the leaderboard!

Simulate and Visualize Your 3D Production Lines in Virtual Reality!

The Visual Components simulation tool and its possibilities for visualization in virtual reality. ViManPro offer you a journey with a virtual reality headset into the environment of a factory composed of robots, machines, and active personnel. It will also be possible to explore the interface of our simulation tool 'Visual Components'.


The Assisted Reality experience with Get Your Way. The user will test our connected glasses in the context of a candy store. Equipped with glasses, a keypad, and a gripper, they will be required to pick candies from a cabinet. The goal is to immerse them in the conditions of an industrial worker: the need for hands-free operation and work-related information.

Non-contact NDT Control Methods, THz Waves

Multitel introduces a robotic arm equipped with a THz head, scanning a 3D object. Leveraging optical, photonic, and laser technologies.

3D Printing Revolutionizes Materials!

Presentation of High-Performance Polymer 3D Printing Equipment. Discussion and presentation based on examples of development and potential applications in the industry!

Manage Your Manufacturing Like a Maestro

K2S is a compact demonstrator developed by CETIC and SIRRIS that embodies the principles of Industry 4.0. Witness a live demonstration of the production of customized tags, controlled by augmented reality glasses, and discover how emerging technologies such as robotics, IoT, Cloud Computing, and augmented reality are integrated throughout the process, from design to delivery. CETIC experts will be available to discuss practical applications, benefits, and opportunities offered by Industry 4.0, highlighting lessons learned from the K2S project.

Visitors will leave with a personalized NFC badge programmed during the workshop.

The Methods of Object Digitalization and Their Applications

Structured Light Scanning uses projected light patterns to create a surface map, ideal for capturing fine details on small objects. Laser Scanning utilizes a laser beam to scan large objects with precision. Photogrammetry reconstructs a 3D model from photographs taken at various angles, a versatile method perfect for projects involving real-world image-based modeling. Throughout the workshop, we will not only demonstrate these techniques but also provide hands-on experience. You'll have the opportunity to scan different objects, compare results from each method, and understand their practical applications in various fields.

Good Prompt vs Bad Prompt, Tech Art at FabLab

The art of using prompts or using prompts to create art? Come test your communication skills with generative image AIs in an artistic approach led by Pascal Dehovre, project holder supported by Fab-C for his 'Tech Art' project.

Smile, You Are Connected!

Startup Vie is setting up a video studio with face-to-camera recording, where participants will be filmed and receive media training and advice for their video presence on social media.

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