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IMMERSIVE, tech summer celebrations 2024

A6K Immersive tech summer celebrations 2024

On June 27, A6K and XR Wallonia invite you to the second edition of "IMMERSIVE, tech summer celebrations," the must-attend end-of-year event dedicated to immersive technologies.

This second edition is special because, in addition to workshops and use cases that you can delve into, this year we also offer inspiring talks and keynotes, thanks to a close collaboration with a joint event presented by Agoria: "Web3, the convergence of possibilities."

Without further ado, get a sneak peek of part of the program below.

What's on the agenda?

16:00 - 16:10 | Introduction

Exploring the potential of the convergence of Web3 technologies.

  • Clarisse Ramakers, General Director, Agoria Wallonia

16:10 - 16:50 | Inspirational Talks

Reinventing energy communities: the role of Web3 technologies and energy efficiency.

  • Salvatore Provenzano, VP Global Partnership, SettleMint
  • Denys Bornauw, Digital Expert, Agoria Wallonia
  • Manu Cluten, Economic Analysis & Project Management, VIVAQUA
  • Robert David, Head of Data Science, Modeling & Al,Technord.

16:50 - 17:20 | Ping-Pong Discussion

Fortnite Season 5 is coming, and it will take place in a factory. Are you ready to win the victory royale? Prime by A6K.

  • Sébastien Nahon, Media Innovation & Intelligibility Lab (MIIL) Manager, UCLouvain, representative of XR Wallonia (Hitt)
  • Jean-François Delaigle, Head of Business Development & Innovation, Regional Director Wallonia, Sirris, representative of MadeinWal

17:20 - 17:30 | Presentation

Immersive, a journey through tech innovations.

  • Thierry Jourquin, Project Lead and Partnership Coordinator, XR Wallonia (Hitt)

17:30 - 18:00 | Panel Discussion

Discovering AVU: how to leverage the industrial metaverse.

  • Franck Gaillard, Global Learning Director, Alstom University
  • Alexis Bonnet, Advanced & Creative Design Director, Alstom
  • Freddy Koné, Technical Director, SoWhen? Digital Art Studio

This roundtable will delve into how companies can maximize the value of their digital assets within immersive and interactive virtual environments. The discussion, hosted by Alstom and SoWhen?, will highlight their collaboration in creating the Alstom Virtual Universe—a 5 km² digital world that can be explored in real-time, showcasing all of Alstom’s business domains. This session will cover the creation, optimization, and utilization of digital heritage across various use cases, providing valuable insights into the advantages of these technologies for training, communication, and interactive simulations.

18:10 - 18:40 | Ping-Pong keynote

Meta is unlocking possibilities for the XR ecosystem.

  • Juan Bossicard, Strategic Campaign Manager Metaverse Europe, Meta
  • Jeremy Zeegers-Jourdain, Public Policy Manager Belgium & Luxembourg, Meta

17:30 - 20:00 | Workshops: XR, AR, VR, AI, Web3 & more!

Full details about the workshops below ⬇️

What's up in the workshops?

  • Come and discover Alstom's digital heritage through innovative immersive, interactive, and phygital experiences with three workshops, by SoWhen?
  • Transform learning into immersive experiences, by Owlion Studio.
  • Digital transformations: Dive into the Apple Vision Pro universe, by Innovation Lab.
  • User Experience of the future Cockpit, by AISIN Europe.
  • The sensation of sound in total immersion, by RTBF.
  • XR, to increase my sales or make my training more effective, really?, by Deloitte Digital.
  • Prevention and Safety: Virtual reality simulations for proper mechanical isolation and overcoming vertigo, by Vigo Creative.
  • Drastic measures for drastic problems: More efficient and faster training through XR training, by Altheria.
  • A virtual world accessible from a meeting request, by MIC.
  • VR Factory: Immersive dive into a 4.0 company, by XR Intelligence & Sirris.
  • Interactive Immersion in Simulation Worlds, by inMersiv Technologies.
  • Unique VR training for the urban logistics sector, by Espaces-Mobilités - Laboratoire Sp8ce.
  • The Fab-C Workshops: Resources - 3D Scanning and Printing, by Fab-C (FabLab de Charleroi - ULB).
  • 3D Object Digitization Methods and Their Applications, by 3D Fazz.
  • Immerse yourself in the factory of the future through video, by HiTT - XR Wallonia - Media Innovation & Intelligibility Lab - MiiL.
  • Street AR, by XR Academy Technocité.
  • 3D World reconstruction, by OpenHub - UCLouvain.
  • Discover Scratch, our service dog fully robotized, by TomorrowLab.
  • VR Factory: Immersive Dive into a 4.0 Company, by XR Intelligence & Sirris.
  • Media Training for start-ups, by StartupVie.
  • How Accenture applies Immersive Technologies, by Accenture.
  • Discovery of Factory of the Future (4.0) concepts through Serious Gaming, by Sirris.
  • Battle Arena, by Arduinna Silva Studio.
  • Avatar Controller Toolkit (ACT): A Tool for Controlling Intelligent Interactive Avatars, by Le Click - UMONS.
  • Indoor Scene Generator Toolkit (ISGT): Generation of Synthetic Data from a Virtual Environment, by Le Click - UMONS.

"This event is organized in collaboration with Agoria as part of their event series 'Web3, the convergence of the possible." By merging Agoria's Web3 convergence event with the special IMMERSIVE edition, we have created a unique collaboration among various stakeholders to provide an #inspiring experience for everyone."

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