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Lucia, the new infrastructure for HPC

A6 K NEWS Shared equipment CENAERO HPC Hight Performance Computing Supercomputer

We are pleased to let you know that a new baby is born, Lucia, the new Walloon High Performance Computing infrastructure, joined our shared equipment club.

This new tool operated by Cenaero is based in Charleroi whith our ecosystem and will enable to intensify fundamental and applied research activities.

Provide valuable support to research and industry

In recent years, not only its use has developed in fundamental reasearch but also in the industry in a significant way. Nowadays, HPC (for High Performance Computing) has applications in the automotive, aerospace, energy, finance, telecommunications, healthcare, chemical energy, finance, telecommunications, health, chemistry, biotechnology, agri-food, biotechnologies, agri-food, multimedia and last but not least, the environment.

High performance computing and digital simulation have become essential tools for the competitiveness of companies. Manufacturers are increasingly using this type of supercomputer to carry out R&D activities in order to launching innovative products on the market.

Philippe Geuzaine General Manager, Cenaero

Introducing Lucia

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What can Lucia offer ?

In November 2022, Lucia is ranked 245th in the world Top500 ! 12 times more powerful than its predecessor Zenobe, in a nutshell, we could say that Lucia's power is equivalent to more than 5,000 laptops plus 6,000 game consoles !

Computational power

  • 4 Pflops aggregated (i.e. 4 million billion operations per second)
  • 300 CPU nodes delivering 1.1 Pflops
  • 50 GPU nodes delivering 2.72 Pflops
  • 2 GPU nodes dedicated to artificial intelligence that deliver 0.19 Pflops


  • 121 TBytes of aggregate storage

Storage volume

  • 3 PBytes of disk space and 4 PBytes of archive space


  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)


  • Apollo from HPE

For research & industry - Testimonies

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