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Behind the MedReSyst project lies a team of researchers from UCLouvain

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Benoît, Eliott, Damien, Clément, Nicolas, Tiffanie, Manon, Jérôme, Tim, Sébastien, and François form a group of doctoral students in Civil Engineering at UCLouvain, specializing in biomedical engineering, applied mathematics, and signal processing.

The organization bringing them together is the MedReSyst consortium, which encompasses the five French-speaking universities in Belgium, two research centers (Multitel and CETIC), over ten clinics and hospitals, as well as about forty companies.

Within this consortium funded by the Walloon Region, we work for UCLouvain. The project's objective is to enhance expertise in healthcare, both in screening and diagnosis.

Benoit Macq Professor at UCLouvain

In a nutshell, MedReSyst is artificial intelligence at the service of health. The innovative idea that sets MedReSyst apart is the principle of a learning coalition. This involves involving health experts in the learning process. Indeed, thanks to domain experts, artificial intelligence learns better, and subsequently, this AI can train young doctors.

Currently, they are developing this technology in two areas: breast cancer and rare diseases, using multimodal models capable of utilizing information from both images and texts, such as clinical notes.

The team is developing computer tools (Machine Learning, artificial intelligence, visualization, etc.) intended to be fueled by data from hospitals, notably from the Grand Hopital de Charleroi.

A fun fact about UCLouvain; "Our university recently changed its name (UCLouvain) because the acronym 'UCL' was shared with University College London, which is slightly more popular internationally," reveals the team.

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