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Meeting with David Thewissen, Talent Coach at BeCode

David BeCode

David Thewissen, embodies the dynamic and passionate spirit that drives BeCode, an innovative Belgian initiative in the field of digital skills training. As a Talent Coach at BeCode, he shares his journey, BeCode's activities, and his role at A6K-E6K.

An unconventional path to digital

David began his academic journey at ULB, but his attraction to student festivities led to a brief university experience. It was at HEPH Condorcet, where he specialized in communication, that he encountered coding. This serendipitous encounter marked the beginning of his passion for the digital world.

After specializing in digital communication at Cepegra, David joined BeCode's first cohort in Charleroi in January 2018. The intense 7-month training, followed by a 3-month internship, was a transformative experience for him. At the end of his journey, he had the luxury of choosing between two job offers, a testament to the success of the BeCode program.

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Training, Innovating, Succeeding

BeCode positions itself as a major player in digital skills training in Belgium, with locations in Ghent, Brussels, Liège, and Charleroi. The organization offers two types of training for job seekers: short six-week courses to explore digital professions and long seven-month courses covering topics such as web development, software, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity.

BeCode's uniqueness lies in its active pedagogy: no traditional teachers or syllabi, but coaches present to mentor, guide, and inspire learners. The method promotes self-directed learning and group work, preparing learners for conditions similar to those in a workplace.

My role on the campus is to participate in the recruitment of interns for the "Digital Sprint" exploring web professions and the "Cyber Sprint" preparatory program for long-term cybersecurity training. As a Talent Coach, I support learners in finding internships by helping them create their LinkedIn profile, CV, cover letter, and preparing them for job interviews.

David Thewissen BeCode

Successes, synergies between E6K [École 6000] and A6K [Atelier 6000]

BeCode has achieved notable success with its learners, who have completed internships in renowned companies such as Alstom and I-care, providing excellent examples of success stories from one of the hub's flagship missions - transitioning from E6K [École 6000] to A6K [Atelier 6000]. BeCode's commitment to the success of its learners and its connection with the local professional fabric make this initiative a growth engine for the digital sector in Belgium.

In conclusion, BeCode, with passionate individuals like David Thewissen, strives to train a new generation of digital talents ready to tackle the challenges of the digital world with enthusiasm and competence.

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