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I-care & Sagacify are joining forces on a collaborative project based on artificial intelligence

A6 K NEWS I care Sagacify AI

Focus on the new collaborative project between I-care and Sagacify, members of the A6K community. Supported by the ERDF and Wallonia, it takes part in one of the centre's priority themes: artificial intelligence in its industrial applications.

Nowadays, artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly significant part that our members offer to companies as services. Expert in the development of AI-based automation, Sagacify provides advanced algorithms in order to develop an increasingly integrated and optimised solutions for the industry. At I-care, the “Dr House” of Machines, this technology is among the predictive maintenance solutions to be developed.

The PI-AI project, in which Sagacify is collaborating with I-care, allows us to pool our expertise in order to accelerate innovation projects in our respective companies,” says Arnaud De Decker, Sagacify. ” It is through discussions during our meetings at A6K that we have developed this partnership which will allow us to jointly improve our services,” adds Thomas Di Pietro, I-care. The project aims to create a platform to facilitate the implementation of AI for companies in their respective application areas: predictive maintenance for I-care, quality control by camera for Sagacify.

Through the implementation of this project, Sagacify and I-care aim to build products that will allow each of them to consolidate and increase their position on the industrial market. I-care’s areas of experience in IOT, industrial environment, and predictive maintenance, coupled with Sagacify’s cutting-edge expertise in artificial intelligence algorithms and their deployment in production, brings high added value to the project. Another example of our members working together to drive innovation!

A6 K NEWS I care Sagacify AI

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